History of Thanksgiving

Do not be surprised when the celebration of Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving, red) becomes an important part for the United States (us). For America, this festival is a tradition that has been around since long and celebrated every November 26 or a month before Christmas day. Once synonymous with Thanksgiving family dinner party main dish with Roast Turkey.

Many people naturally wonder, why Thanksgiving is only celebrated by American citizens only? If you’re curious, here are 5 important things you need to know about Thanksgiving based on facts of history.

1.  The beginning of the celebration of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving history is a special day to give thanks for the blessingsof life, which has already obtained a person. The celebration was first done by Father Juan de Padilla in 1541 in Canyon, Texas. Then thefollowing appeared in the year 1565 celebrated by refugees in St. Augustine, Florida. This is a sign warning of the arrival of the first wave of history of European immigrants to North America.

2.  The Thanksgiving Menu

In the tradition, Thanksgiving celebrations when the dish is never absent from the main menu such as Turkey, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. Other dishes also adorn the table is the result of local garden vegetables such as potatoes, pumpkin pie, onion, spinach, cabbage, carrots and peas.

3.  Thanksgiving is called a Christmas Parade

Although not related to Christmas, but Thanksgiving is often touted as the Macy’s Day Parade or also called Christmas parade. The term became popular since the year 1924.

4.  Thanksgiving become a national Thanksgiving Day ‘ the American ‘

During the civil war in America (American Civil War), many of the battles and conflicts that cause suffering for Americans. However in 1863, President Abraham Lincoln issued a formal letter in order that every 4th week in November to become a national day of Thanksgiving.Since that assignment, Lincoln invited the entire American citizens to take time to give thanks for everything that America has endured, neither suffering nor the injuries that plagued the citizens due to the war, handing over everything in the hands of God’s compassion.

5.  Thanksgiving became a Thanksgiving Turkey supplies top

According to research by the National Turkey Foundation, in one year the Americans consume about 46 million turkeys, which amounts to about one-fifth of the total of all the turkeys. And Turkey is usually the food that is consumed in the long holiday, at the end of the year. No wonder that Thanksgiving was Thanksgiving over the availability of Turkey’s favorite food ingredients that can still be enjoyed by Americans. No wonder the Thanksgiving Turkeys are also often called today.


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Around four hundred years ago many people in England were unhappy because their King would not let them pray to God as they liked. The King said they must use the same prayers that he did and if they refused, they were prosecuted, imprisoned or even killed. These Englishman left their homes and went far off to a country called Holland. In Holland they were happy, but they were very poor and when the children began to grow they became less godlike and did not want to pray anymore. After much talking and thinking these English people decided to embark on a pilgrimage to the New World – America.

They set out on a small ship called the “ Mayflower ” to take them across the sea. There were about one hundred people on board the tiny ship. It was crowded, cold an uncomfortable. The sea was rough. They were two months sailing over the Atlantic Ocean. At last the “ Mayflower ” came inside of land. The month was November and it was cold. There was nothing to be seen but snow, rocks and hard bare ground. They were tired and cold from their long journey and hungry too, no one had enough food to eat. Many of them became sick and by springtime almost half of the people died.

In spring the sun shone brightly, the snow melted and leaves and flowers began to emerge. Some friendly Indians had visited the Pilgrims during the winter.

One of the kind Indians was named Squanto. He stayed with the Pilgrims and taught them how to plant their corn, peas, weat and barley. The summer came and the days were long and bright. The Pilgrim children were very happy in their new home Plymouth Rock. When it was autumn the Fathers gathered the barley, wheat and corn that they had planted, and found that it had grown so well that they would have quite enough for a long winter that was coming.

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“ Let us thank God for it all! ” they said. Then they decided to have a grand Thanksgiving party and invite the friendly Indians. They prepared wild ducks and geese and great wild turkeys, there was deer meat, bread and cakes, they had fish and clams from the sea nearby. The friendly Indians all came with their chief. They were dressed in deer skins and some of them had the furry coat of a wild cat hanging on their arms. Their long black hair fell loose on their shoulders and was trimmed with feathers or fox tales. Before they ate, the Pilgrims and the Indians thanked God together for all his goodness. And so the story goes of the first Thanksgiving celebrated in Plymouth Colony nearly four hundred years ago. As you sit down with your friends and family this Thanksgiving remember this original tale and give thanks for all of God’s abundant blessings.